Who are we? “We” are the board of the non-profit reNude.

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Mber rose

My name is Mber Rose Love and I am the founder of reNude. I remember my first experience of “mindful nudity” right after college.  I went to a clothing-optional spa at the request of my man-friend from Germany, where clothing-optional spas are more common.  I felt as if I had come home. I felt no judgement, no discomfort, and just peace. I was able to relax there unlike I ever had before in any social setting. I never forgot that experience.

Today, baring my body is my spiritual expression. I believe when humans were created, they came out of the womb naked on purpose. (Can you imagine coming out with Nikes, Levis and T-shirts?) It is humans that brought shame to our bodies. The time has come for the healing of humanity in our relationship to our bodies.



My name is jochanaan and I am the vice president of reNude. My first experience of nudity came from browsing the internet when I stumbled onto a spiritual naturist website. Curious, I began to read what the sacred writings said about nakedness, and found no general command against it.

Since then, I have met many other nudists with whom I share a love of spiritual study and clothes-freedom. I bring to reNude a deep conviction, based on my own extensive research, that insistence on clothing itself is a form of slavery, and that clothes-freedom is humankind's natural and most desirable condition.