You have landed your spaceship right here on…wait…what is           this? Planet Pluto? Mercury? Earth?

     Yes, Earth! Welcome, dear extraterrestrial and fabulous                earthlings! Welcome to reNude, where we do topless and                     clothing optional music festivals and entertainment. 



reNude aims to transform our world that is filled with body shame and intolerance to one of acceptance and love. It's “normal” for modern films to portray violence, but the natural naked human body is considered immodest and unacceptable.



We want people to consider that the naked human body is natural. A great healing happens when an individual chooses to be free from clothes. This includes eliminating shame & judgement of others, which allows a new freedom to arise.



Nudity at reNude is optional. We ask that individuals accept the choices of others, including others’ sexual & religious expressions. We do this standing for a new, accepting, world. A reNude world.



In our community, integrity, honesty & character win out over greed and money. We care about each other and even take care of each other. We see a world where we as a people desire to grow in love.


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Who are we? “We” are the board of the non-profit reNude.

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Mber rose

My name is Mber Rose Love and I am the founder of reNude. I remember my first experience of “mindful nudity” right after college.  I went to a clothing-optional spa at the request of my man-friend from Germany, where clothing-optional spas are more common.  I felt as if I had come home. I felt no judgement, no discomfort, and just peace. I was able to relax there unlike I ever had before in any social setting. I never forgot that experience.

Today, baring my body is my spiritual expression. I believe when humans were created, they came out of the womb naked on purpose. (Can you imagine coming out with Nikes, Levis and T-shirts?) It is humans that brought shame to our bodies. The time has come for the healing of humanity in our relationship to our bodies.



My name is jochanaan and I am the vice president of reNude. My first experience of nudity came from browsing the internet when I stumbled onto a spiritual naturist website. Curious, I began to read what the sacred writings said about nakedness, and found no general command against it.

Since then, I have met many other nudists with whom I share a love of spiritual study and clothes-freedom. I bring to reNude a deep conviction, based on my own extensive research, that insistence on clothing itself is a form of slavery, and that clothes-freedom is humankind's natural and most desirable condition.